To help you feel comfortable with your decision, and to assure you of our integrity,  we would like to further explain who we are, and to share our own goals with you.

Night Wind is not a traditional publishing house. In order to provide the finest books and services, we require authors to invest in the future of their books.  Please be assured, we are not a publish on demand company.  We do not publish every submission we receive. We are highly selective and motivated,  only accepting manuscripts that we feel possess merit and marketing potential. Author success is our goal. We will work with you, with your best interest at heart, throughout the entire process. There is no minimum number of books to purchase. The choice is yours.  Water Forest wants to see our authors regain their initial investment, and more. What is Water Forest’s stake in your publication? Our name and reputation.  It is our deepest desire to grow into a traditional publishing house, while retaining a conscience and close author-publisher relationship . This can only be achieved if we work hard for you, and live up to our promises. Night Wind and our authors share a monetary and personal stake; the success of your book—and of our company.

Costs vary upon selected services and options, and will be discussed upon manuscript acceptance.

Night Wind Publishing is a continuation of the tradition and excellent reputation established by Skyline Magazine, publishing since 2001.  We operate in the same fine manner, but offer a greater scope of author services.

Thank you for your interest in Night Wind Publishing.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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