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Night Wind's focus is upon short story collections, novellas, novels and some poetry collections as long as they are DARK and of the following genre: 
  • Fantasy
  • Sci Fi
  • Horror
  • Supernatural
  • Occult
  • Thriller

It could have been Autumn's chilling breath creating the sounds that froze our bones that night - throwing a ghost-like trance upon us four.  Fear can do one of two things; make you run faster than the wind, never stopping to look back to see how close hell is to your heels, although you feel it's hot breath singeing the tiny hairs on your neck.  Or fear can stop you dead in your tracks, stiffened with panic - heart pounding - head spinning - gasping for breath - loss of sense fear.  That is what I experienced.

The chain-like scraping on cold cement emanating from the basement, as if a heavy lid was being slowly slid from a concrete coffin.  Tap tap tap upon only a few select windows in very darkened rooms.  Possibly gnarled branches of oaks, elms and clawing hands of evergreens were the culprits?  However, if that were the case, these things only added to the frightened confusion we experienced while encountering Smith's Cabin. [Excerpted from At The Stroke Of Midnight - 24 Tales of Terror: Legend of Smith's Cabin, published 2001 by Skyline Publications, Victoria Valentine.]




Night Wind - Night Tales for Night Dwellers

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